Once the objectives for a Web site have been identified, we develop a blueprint for the site that includes site architecture, database specifications, graphic requirements, user interface design, and functionality and programming requirements. The blueprint ensures that we can work efficiently on the project and that our clients know exactly what they will be receiving.

In developing the site, we draw upon a talented team of programmers and designers, with expertise in a variety of areas:

  • Programming -- Frequently, off-the-shelf Web site development tools will lack either the flexibility or capabilities to efficiently accomplish some of the functional objectives for a site. While there is certainly value in front-end HTML, DHTML, and JavaScript work, we are unlike many web development groups in that we focus on - and have substantial expertise in - the back-end programming required for sophisticated sites. Our core compentencies include Java, C++, C, and VB development.

  • Database design and integration -- As most Web sites of any sophistication employ one or more back-end databases, we are experienced in the full range of SQL database work, from the initial database design to integration with other systems using Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, or other products as appropriate.

  • Internet commerce -- As the figures for on-line commerce continue to climb, we help companies build successful commerce sites for business-to-business and/or business-to-consumer transactions. Our areas of expertise include copywriting and design for the Web commerce environment, integration with back-end systems, development of customer profiling databases, and the development of an infrastructure for secure transactions.

  • User interface design -- To be effective, a Web site must be appealing, engaging, and readily understood by end users regardless of their experience level. We leverage our experience with the Web environment to develop sites that are intuitive, comfortable, and enjoyable for the end user, aspects that greatly contribute to the long-term success of the site.

  • Graphics and multimedia -- While the graphic design of a Web site is constrained by many issues not relevant to other media - differing browsers, download speeds, availability of plug-ins, and so forth - the Web environment also opens up an array of new design possibilities to actively engage the end user. We are experienced in determining what technologies make sense for a particular Web site and in implementing the appropriate solutions, from GIF89a to Flash to Shockwave to streaming audio/video to DHTML to Java applets.

Please contact us if you would like to speak with us about the development of your Web site.

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