Web sites are becoming increasingly sophisticated, while fulfilling a wide array of objectives for different organizations. We believe that the key to developing a successful Web site is to start with a clear idea of exactly what the site can and should do for its organization.

The Web is a very open communications medium, combining the processing power and scalability of today's computers with the ease of use and ubiquity of the telephone. As such, a Web site can have a tremendous variety of applications:

  • marketing and public relations, with the combined benefits of a targeted audience and a global reach

  • on-line commerce, where the presentation of products and services can be highly tailored to each end customer based on previous buying patterns or on the pages they have looked at

  • relationship-building with existing customers and/or potential customers

  • a highly cost-effective customer service center

  • an efficient means of communicating with a mobile or geographically distributed workforce

Because there can be so many ways in which a Web site can help an organization save or make money, improve the flow of information, and build stronger relationships, our first step in developing a site is to work with our clients to help determine how the site can provide maximum value for their investment.

Please contact us if you would like to speak with us about the development of your Web site.

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