The Internet has made the benefits and pitfalls of open networks very clear. While the Internet provides access to a wealth of information, organizations that use the Internet face increased risks to the security of their private information systems. And as businesses become increasingly knowledge-based and those private information stores become more and more valuable, disruptions in the availability of computer systems or the loss of corporate data can result in very serious problems for an organization.

We work with organizations to minimize the security risks associated with Internet connectivity. From an audit of existing systems to implementation of a firewall to the "hardening" of a Web server to the design of a virtual private network using the Internet, we address the security needs of our customers on a proactive basis.

We work with many of the leading security products on the market, including the AltaVista Firewall, Checkpoint's Firewall-1, the Cisco PIX Firewall, and the LANOptics Guardian Firewall. In addition, we design and implement security solutions for Web servers and Web-based applications that require sophisticated methods of authentication, identification, and/or encryption.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the security of your organization's information systems.

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