We begin the process of Internet application development with a detailed examination of the objectives and parameters for the application. In some cases our clients have very precise objectives, and in other cases we work with our clients to refine the ideas for the application to take full advantage of the medium.

In defining the scope of the application, we draw upon our experience with other businesses as well as our expertise in Internet technology to develop a strategic plan and blueprint for the application. The planning addresses functionality, programming requirements, technical architecture, specifications for databases and/or interactivity with existing systems, and graphic requirements for the application. Once the blueprinting process is complete, we develop a project schedule with deliverables, deadlines, and costs.

Implementation of the Internet application encompasses a number of specific disciplines:

  • Information Architecture -- Working with our client, we develop a site map that illustrates how the content of the application will be organized, given the hypertext nature of the Web and the specific needs of the application.

  • Database Work -- As most Internet applications involve a database, we provide a range of database services in conjunction with the application, from the initial development of the data model to the design and coding of stored procedures.

  • Systems Integration -- In cases where the Internet application needs to communicate with existing information systems, we develop the appropriate mechanisms to do so. Some times a client will already have a mechanism by which a TCP/IP- based web server can exchange data with an SNA or other system, in which case we will work with the existing gateway.

  • User Interface Design -- While a Web-based graphical interface at its best can be a familiar and easy-to-use environment for the end user, care must be taken to ensure that the application does not appear intimidating or unwieldy. Our goal is to ensure that the Internet application is readily understood and easily usable by end users with a wide range of backgrounds and levels of computer literacy.

  • Programming -- We are proficient developing in Java, C, and C++, with a focus on server-side, object-oriented Internet applications. In some cases, we are contracted solely to develop the highly technical components of a Web site or Internet application, ranging from the implementation of ISAPI filters to the development of a highly scalable site architecture.

  • Testing and Quality Control -- Last but not least, we use automated site management tools in combination with rigorous debugging and testing to ensure that the Internet application functions as intended and that it works smoothly across platforms and operating environments.

If you are considering an Internet application for your business, please contact us.

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